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About FoodStore2Go
FoodStore2Go is a well-established grocer delivery service in Nassau, Bahamas.

Since 2009, we have been offering premium grocery delivery services to guests staying in hotels, resorts, vacation rentals as well as marinas and yachts.

Our mission is to simplify the grocery shopping process for expats and tourists seeking to make the most of their time in the Bahamas without the hefty price tag of resort dining or time-consuming task of shopping in store.

We maintain a comprehensive inventory list for each grocery store, ensuring efficient sourcing of items such as breakfast and snacks, and basic household supplies, allowing you to make the most of your vacation without the stress of navigating local stores. With this savvy approach, we help maximize both cost and time savings during your trip.

Our commitment rests on four pillars: punctual deliveries, budget-friendly prices, the highest quality perishable products, and the embodiment of professionalism and respect. Every member of our team takes pride in representing FoodStore2Go.

In September 2022 we embarked on an exciting revival, featuring new refrigerated vehicles, reusable insulated bags, a dedicated new uniformed team and competitive pricing. Starting Fall 2023 we are also thrilled to offer you the ability to book popular excursions, such as swimming with teacup pigs, which include a picnic-style meal! 
While our current reach extends to Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas, we are actively working on expanding our infrastructure to serve more islands and countries across the Caribbean.

At FoodStore2Go,
we aim to make your trip to The
Bahamas even more enjoyable,
one delivery at a time.